Silverstone Classic 2018 supercars

Our car week in review: supercars and auction stars at Silverstone Classic

Silverstone Classic 2018 supercars

This weekend sees racing legends descend on Silverstone for the annual celebration of classic motorsport machinery. With the racing on track set to be close, and the bidding in the auction room likely to be intense, we’ve delved deep into the highlights you can expect to see. Even if you’re not one of the 100,000 visitors to the event this weekend, you won’t miss out with our coverage.

It’s also been a busy week, with the stars of the Festival of the Unexceptional, some of the craziest leftfield creations, and a look at a collection of classic Maseratis. We’ve also covered all the latest motoring news.

Silverstone Classic 2018

Silverstone Classic 2018 supercars
Supercar exotica at Silverstone Classic 2018
Don’t go thinking the Silverstone Classic is all about motorsport machinery. This year sees some seriously expensive road cars stealing the limelight from the race cars.

Royal Range Rover heads up Silverstone sale
A right Royal rumble sale
Headlining the auction action at the Silverstone Classic event is this 1975 Range Rover, which was delivered direct to the Royal Household. It’s just one of the stars set to go beneath the hammer.

Royal Range Rover heads up Silverstone sale
Homologation auction heroes
Bringing together both the on-track action at the Silverstone Classic with auction activity, are these three touring car heroes. Watch the racers, and then drive away in a road-going replica like these.

Car News

20 years of TT
Happy 20th birthday, Audi TT!
It might seem hard to believe but Audi’s TT is now two decades old. How best to celebrate? With a facelift for the current car, and a new special anniversary edition.

Lego DB5
The Aston Martin DB5 has starred in three James Bond movies, and now it has been immortalised in Lego form. We were there for the launch at the flagship Lego Store.

Features and opinion

Festival of the Unexceptional
Cult classics at the Festival of the Unexceptional 2018
All the attention last weekend may have been on Goodwood, but at Stowe House a celebration of the normal was taking place. These were some of the highlights

Matra Simca Rancho
Cooler than a Qashqai
Don’t go thinking that the current craze for crossovers is a product of the 21st century. Go back to the 1980s and the Matra Rancho was ahead of the curve. Gav is a definite fan of them.

Leftfield legends: cool cars that weren’t on brand
Legends of the leftfield
We might think of car manufacturers as being fairly predictable. But, on occasions, they do take alternative routes with their products. These are some of the best off-piste motoring creations.

1981 DeLorean DMC-12 copy
DeLorean dynamite
Great Scott, Marty! You could buy the actual DeLorean DMC-12 built as a promotional car for the Back to the Future Trilogy. It, and several other move specials, are going under the hammer

Things you don’t see in cars anymore
The motoring things you don’t see now
Were things better in the olden days of motoring? Do you yearn for the return of the manual choke, or distressed at the lack of furry dice? If so, then get ready to reminisce with Gav.

McGrath Maserati
Magical Maserati GTs
Heading to auction this coming September is a collection of six wonderful classic Maseratis. We got up close and personal with this sextet of cars from the golden age of the Trident-wearing brand. 


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