Our car week review: new Audi A1 is the king of customisation

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2018 Audi A1: first look

When it comes to the luxury supermini market, the need to personalise is the most important factor according to Audi. This makes sense. As the smallest and cheapest car in the lineup, the current A1 has become a sales success, as the number of them on the roads testifies. However, prevalence can be a problem when drivers want to ensure they stand out from the crowd and make a statement about themselves.

Enter the new second-generation A1. Mix-and-match colours and trim options, swap suspension options between trim levels, and add options from bigger models like the TT if desired. All of this lets buyers build a car that gives them exactly what they want, and will undoubtedly make Audi a considerable sum of cash. As anyone who has spent time on the brand’s online car configurator will know, creativity costs.

This week we have all the details on an epic Lamborghini Miura, the inside scoop on the cars that the England football team drive, and a look back at the history of the Suzuki Jimny. We’ve also covered all the important motoring news, too. 


2018 Audi A1: first look
Announced this week, the second-generation Audi A1 promises to allow customers to tailor it completely to their desired specification. There’s retro design hints, too.

Lamborghini Miura SVR
This is special, even by Lamborghini standards. A one-off modified version of the beautiful Miura, this SVR has been fully restored by the Sant’Agata factory itself.

Features and opinion

Cars of the England World Cup squad
Starting eleven – the cars of the England World Cup Squad
World Cup fever shows no sign of relenting, and even England might have more potential than first thought. We’ve checked out the cars driven by the star players.

Supercar spotting in London: the best of 2018
Supercars in London
Forget Wimbledon, this is the most important event to be taking place in London this summer. Check out the hordes of priceless supercars that have taken residence in the city this year.

European road signs

Continental conundum
Research has found that most British drivers are completely baffled by the road signs encountered on European trips. We’ve compiled a list of the most confusing ones to help make life a little easier.

Second-time lucky: cars that didn’t peak too soon
Second time around
Often it is the second generation of a car that leaves us disappointed. However, this selection defied the odds and actually managed to right the wrongs of their predecessor. 

Miniature hero: a brief history of the Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny family history
Photos of the new Suzuki Jimny have finally been released, which has got us even more excited. To pass the time before it arrives, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to trace its ancestry

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