McLaren Senna

Our car week in review: does the McLaren Senna meet expectations?

McLaren Senna

Naming a car after, arguably, the most naturally gifted and intrinsically talented Formula 1 driver of all time is a strong move. It sets the McLaren Senna an incredibly high bar to reach and of that, if missed, could tarnish an iconic link between man and machine. Even for an established company like McLaren, this is still a major risk.

Senna himself is quoted as believing in the idea of continuous improvement, through focussing intently on what you want to make better. The McLaren Senna represents the dedicated attention of McLaren’s engineering knowledge, funnelled in to one car. You can read Richard’s first drive review to see if it manages to meet expectations.

Also important, but for obviously different reasons, this week we have also driven the new fourth-generation Ford Focus. The Blue Oval promises us the best car that they’ve ever built, which is setting the bar high in a competitive marketplace.

We also have all the latest news, taken a look at the new Toyota Century, and delved into some exciting cars coming to auction soon.

Car News

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Forget delicate and pretty, the new DBS Superleggera seems inspired by the classic muscular Aston Martins of old. These are all the details on the new 211mph brute.


McLaren Senna
2018 McLaren Senna – First drive review
Driving a car named Senna, on a track which mattered deeply to the man it is named after, is a big deal. Expectations were high, so could this McLaren live up the name?

2018 Ford Focus
2018 Ford Focus – Everything you need to know
Two decades after the original stunned the world, Ford is back with bold claims for the fourth-generation Focus. Is there enough magic to make the difference in 2018?

Features and opinion

Cars named after people
Cars named after people – from Senna to Isabella
The McLaren Senna is an obvious example of a car being named after an individual, but some are more subtle. We’ve been on the hunt to try and track them all down

2018 Silverstone Classic Auction Touring Car Legends
Homologation heroes up for auction
The Silverstone Classic Sale is set to see three examples of classic Group A homologation specials go under the hammer. We’ve started drooling at the prospect already – which would be your pick?

2018 Toyota Century
Beginning of a new Century
A new Toyota Century is a rare occurrence. So rare that this is only the third model to be made in almost 50 years. Gav has investigated what makes it so special, and why it generates cult appeal. 

Ford Escort Mexico
Mexico auction waves
Fast Fords are fetching big money when it comes to auction. This rare 1972 Ford Escort Mexico is on the cusp of potentially doubling in value next month. Let Gav explain what makes it desirable.

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