Diesel's decline

Our car week in review: how far will diesel sales fall?

Diesel's decline
With dieselgate approaching almost three years since the story first broke, the lingering effects of the damage done to the reputation of diesel continues. The latest figures from the SMMT show that diesel sales are still falling, and that this is dragging the overall car market downwards. Increases in sales of petrol and alternative fuel vehicles is seemingly not enough to compensate the downturn.

Perhaps we should not be too surprised. The past three years have seen multiple mixed messages from both the government, and a mainstream media which has demonised diesel. Only now are we starting to see statements from government acknowledging the importance diesel still plays, and that when bought sensibly can still be of benefit to British motorists.

Not all manufacturers have given up on diesel, but whether buyers can be persuaded to keep choosing diesel cars remains to be seen. Further clarity from policymakers is needed to ensure those that do pick diesel will not lose out in the near future.

This week has also seen us enter into the spirit of the World Cup, find all the best deals for new cars, and get even more excited about the new Suzuki Jimny.

Car News

Diesel's decline
With diesel sales figures falling ever further down, some market experts are suggesting that the fuel could account for just 5% of all new cars sold by 2030. 

All-new Suzuki Jimny
The new Jimny is generating lots of excitement, even if it won’t make it here until next year. For now, this is all the information you need to help build the anticipation.

Features and opinion

World Cup 2018 match up: Sweden vs EnglandSweden vs England – motoring match up
We won! We won!! As the reality is starting to dawn, now take a look at how the two countries square up when it comes to cars.

The summer’s hottest new car deals
Summer scorchers
With Britain’s heatwave seemingly set to continue unabated, who needs a holiday abroad? Why not take advantage of the latest deals on offer new cars instead. Let Gav be your guide to the offers.

Paul Stephens 911
The British Singer 911
We’ve become familiar with the concept of Porsche 911s ‘reimagined’ with modern components. The Paul Stephens Le Mans Classic Clubsport is cheaper than its rivals, and made in Britain.

25 years of Goodwood Festival of Speed
Goodwood Festival of Speed turns 25
Now accepted as one of the biggest motorsport and motoring events on the calendar, the Goodwood Festival of Speed had grown hugely in the past 25 years. These are the best bits.

Putting a lid on things
Combining the security of a metal roof with open-top motoring, coupe cabriolets really hit the big time at the start of the millennium. All trends finish, and Gav has been wondering where all the CCs are.

Order, order: the cars of British politicians
Commons occurrence
As Theresa May battles it out with her Cabinet over plans for Brexit, we’ve taken a look at the history of cars used by politicians. It’s not all Jaguars and Range Rovers – there’s even a Nissan Micra here!


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