Audi E-tron

Our car week in review – catching a ride in the new Audi E-tron

Audi E-tron

The best of Motoring Research this week

Audi has history with the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb -as a stage to play out the most ridiculous versions of the legendary Quattro rally car. Three decades ago, the company was charging to the top of the hill with 600hp from a flame-spitting competition monster. Now, it’s gliding down the twists and turns of Pikes Peak in near silence with an electric SUV.

With the E-tron set to be pitched against the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace, Audi needs to ensure it gets this right. We had the chance to experience the E-tron to see how Audi is making progress with it.

This week we have also dived into the world of the greatest movie cars, investigated all the cars in the latest series of Wheeler Dealers, and took a trip down memory lane with the Vauxhall Calibra. 


Land Rover Discovery offset plate
The offset number plate of the latest Land Rover Discovery has certainly proven to be a contentious issue. £1,200 is all you need to make things more symmetrical


Audi E-tron
2018 Audi E-tron – First ride review
Audi might not be the first manufacturer to enter the electric SUV market, but it has plenty of experience in developing new technology. We took a ride in the E-tron.

Vauxhall Calibra
Vauxhall Calibra V6 – Classic review
Famous for an impressively aerodynamic design, the Vauxhall Calibra is a reminder of a time when every manufacturers needed a coupe model. How is it to drive today?

Features and opinion

Movie cars
Revealed – the 20 greatest movie cars
A recent survey by Hyundai has sought to find the coolest cars featured in movies, as chosen by the public. See if one of your favourites is amongst the top twenty.

Wheeler Dealers
Wheeler Dealer winners
With an impressive 15th series of Wheeler Dealers now completed, we’ve taken a look at the cars which starred. From retro SUVs, to a modern classic Mini, these are the cars which sealed the deals.

Ares Panther on the road
Is it time to be Ares’d?
Danny Bahar is back with his latest creation. Forget all those ideas he had at Lotus, as the Ares Panther is here with a V10 engine and pop-up headlights. Gav has the details and the history.

Brexit spells Brexit
Van man versus Brexit
One man is waging a personal war against Brexit by driving 19,000 miles across Europe. Andy Pardy is using his GPS tracker to spell out ‘STOP BREXIT’ from his continental travels. 


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