New 2019 BMW Z4

Our car week in review: can the new BMW Z4 deliver this time?

New 2019 BMW Z4

With a reputation for producing some of the greatest drivers’ cars ever made, BMW has found the modern roadster a strangely challenging prospect. Despite decades of prowess, the Z4 and earlier Z3 never seemed to quite hit the spot with enthusiasts. Perhaps the ever-present threat of the Porsche Boxster has set an impossible bar, or Munich has never quite decided how best to pitch their two-seater model. 

This time things are different, with the new Z4 sharing a platform with the forthcoming Toyota Supra. Being co-developed with a car from another brand means BMW may be even more focused than before in making the latest Z4 stand out.

Along with all the details of the new Z4, this week we have also taken a look at the hot hatches which broke the mould. We’ve tested out the latest hybrid black cab, and even looked at the best motorbikes you can buy right now. 

Car News

New 2019 BMW Z4
A year after the concept was previewed, BMW has shown off the finished version of the third-generation Z4 sports car at Pebble Beach. These are all the details of it.

Aston Martin James Bond Goldfinger DB5
If a Corgi model or Lego recreation isn’t quite enough, what about a life-size version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5? Gadgets are included for the £3.3 million price.


LEVC TX eCity – catching a ride in London’s newest black cab
It might look like a regular London taxi, but there is no dirty diesel beneath the bonnet here. We investigated what life is like for a cabbie with hybrid petrol power

Features and opinion

Rulebreakers: wild and extreme hot hatches
Rulebreakers – the 25 hot hatches that pushed boundaries
Conventionally, a hot hatchback is accepted as being front-wheel-drive with a four-cylinder engine. Yet these 25 cars show that all rules are made to be broken. 

Opinion – the Audi PB18 E-tron matters
The PB18 E-tron is a full EV concept, which spells the real future direction of performance motoring. MR’s Ethan Jupp believes this is where the EV supercar becomes a real mainstream proposition.

Skoda Superb Umbrella
Favourite car secret features
A new survey of 2,000 drivers has uncovered the hidden features most loved by them. From secret umbrellas, to somewhere to park your bike, these are the things you might have missed!

Auto Trader Bikes Best Bike Awards 2018
On Yer’ Bike! Best ones to buy now
A long hot summer has made for great motorbike weather, and might have some thinking about a new ride. Helpfully, Auto Trader Bikes has now released its list of the best new motorbikes to buy.


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