Phantom to the Opera

MR week in review: 8 April 2018

Phantom to the Opera

Short of a private jet, crossing a continent in a brand-new Rolls-Royce Phantom seems like the most relaxing way of heading to Austria to watch the opera. However, throwing in the challenge of less than 24 hours to cover the distance, the potential for traffic chaos, and the need to capture videos and photos makes things slightly more stressful.

Fortunately Tim, Andrew, and Bradley were well prepared, but the £450,000 Phantom was the real star of show, taking everything in its stride. We’ve a full story of how the epic journey played out, and also a chance to experience the entire 920 miles in just 5 minutes with our video

This week we’ve muscled up for the review Ford Mustang, found that most things sound better in Italian, and also investigated why the sales of electric cars are falling.


Nissan LeafWe’ve been told that electric cars are the future, yet last month saw the sales of them decline for the 12th month in a row. So just what is the reason behind the trend?


2018 Ford Mustang

First drive – 2018 Ford Mustang
It might be the best-selling sports car in the world, but the Mustang is still a big deal on this side of the Atlantic. Does a refresh make it better suited to European tastes?

Features and opinion

Phantom to the Opera

Rolls-Royce road trip – Phantom to the Opera
With almost 1,000 miles of European roads to cover, and less than 24 hours in which to do it, this is the story of a luxurious and refined journey to the Viennese opera.

The most popular hybrid and electric cars

Alternative-fuel favourites
Electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for 5% of all car sales across Europe in February. These were the most popular picks.

Tax-free classics
Rolling tax exemption for classic cars means this selection of 40-year-olds are now VED free. Get ready to feel smug if you own one of these twelve cars.

Maserati Quattroporte

Bellisimo nomi
Most things sound better in Italian and, as Gav has proven with these 25 examples, car names are no exception to the rule. Godere!

Retro MR

Retro MR – The coolest car dashboards
Automotive interior design can be so much more than swathes of black plastic and touchscreens. These are our top picks of the greatest dashboards ever created


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