MR week in review: 31 March 2018

New York City might seem dominated by public transport, and not a place you would want really want to drive around, but it’s the venue for the oldest and most popular car show in the United States. Motoring Research was on the ground at the Javits Convention Center to get up close and personal with the new metal revealed at the show. Although some cars on display will never make it across the Atlantic, there was still plenty of offerings to pique the interest of British buyers.

Aside from the NYC show, this week we have tested out a new Vauxhall wearing a classic badge, bid a fond farewell to our beige Citroen C3, and unpicked all the latest news. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the full story of our epic European journey in a Rolls-Royce Phantom!

New York International Auto Show 2018

New York Auto Show 2018: the best cars

NYIAS 2018 – All the important cars
From SUVs, to pick-up trucks and performance machinery, the New York show didn’t fail to live up to expectations. We have a gallery with all the important new cars.

New Jaguar F-Pace SVR

NYIAS 2018 – Jaguar F-Pace SVR
The F-Pace has already proven hugely popular, so the addition of Jaguar’s special 5.0-litre supercharged V8 can only boost the appeal further. We have all the details.

Classic Mini Electric at NYIAS 2018

NYIAS 2018 – Classic Mini goes electric 
Mixing sentimentality and battery power, this is unfortunately only a concept creation. Sorry! But a new modern Mini Electric is due on the market in the very near future…


With car manufacturers keen to fill every possible niche, can we really be surprised by a roofless Honda CR-V? Being set to hit showrooms on 1st April might be a clue to the motives behind this one though…


Vauxhall Insignia GSI

First drive – 2018 Vauxhall Insignia GSI
It might be a name from the past, but the GSI badge is now adorning one of the newest Vauxhall models. Is it all nostalgia, or does the hottest Insignia deliver?

Citroen C3

Long-term Test – Citroen C3 final update
After almost 10 months, time is up for the French supermini on the MR long-term fleet. Read the final verdict to see if Andrew would spend his own cash on a C3

Features and opinion

World Car Awards

2018 World Car of the Year Awards – All the winners!
It may have been an all-SUV finale for the top prize, but the 2018 World Car of the Year Awards featured a number of winners in a range of different categories

March 2018 Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.15

Gran Turismo Sport gets important new cars
Buying a classic BMW M3 just became a whole lot easier, thanks to the latest update to the Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation game.

Cost of a new car from the year you were born
Ever wondered what the cost of a new car was in the year you were born? Gav has done the research so now you can find out.

F1 stars and their cars
We obviously know what Formula 1 drivers use on a weekend, but off-track their choice of wheels can still be rather interesting.

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