Renault Clio Williams

MR week in review: 29 April 2018

Renault Clio Williams

For those of a certain age, the Renault Clio Williams represents one of the greatest hot hatchbacks to ever be released. From the association with the then dominant team in Formula 1, to a love for lift-off oversteer and an iconic combination of blue paintwork and gold wheels, the Williams had it all.

But driving one today could risk discovering that after 25 years, this legendary Clio doesn’t live up to the high expectations. You can read whether it impressed in our review, and watch the Williams on the move with our video. 

This week we have driven another rare hatchback, picked out the most beautiful Jaguars ever built, and investigated the story behind a mysterious turbo Corvette. 


Koenigsegg Agera RSN hits 242mph on UK airfield
If you’ve followed the story of Koenigsegg, you’ll know that the 1,160hp Agera is really rather quick. A new VMax200 record speed of 242mph is confirmation of that.


Renault Clio Williams
Meeting a hero – Renault Clio Williams
It consistently tops lists of the greatest hot hatches ever made, meaning that our expectations were high for an encounter with the Clio Williams. Find out if it managed to deliver.

Aston Martin Cygnet
Aston Martin Cygnet – what is it like to drive?
Controversial from the off, the Cygnet stunned many when announced in 2011. Forever set to be a rare curio, we’ve driven one to see just what the smallest Aston Martin is really like. 

Features and opinion

Jaguar XJ13
Cream of the crop
How do you pick the ten most beautiful Jaguars ever built? Carefully, but safe in the knowledge not everyone will agree, was the strategy chosen by Gav. See if you concur with the chosen big cats

Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood (12 - 15 July)
50 must-see motoring events
Good weather has to arrive at some point this year, so get planning for the motoring events you really cannot afford to miss. Bring an umbrella.

30 fabulous Ferraris up for auction
Ferrari auction fever
With 33 Maranello products on offer, the first Sale of Ferraris to be held by Silverstone Auctions certainly lives up to the billing.

These are the best first cars you can buy
First time winners
With accolades handed out at the inaugural FirstCar awards, these are the best cars, driving schools, and more for new drivers.

1980 Corvette Turbo
The mystery machine
Just what exactly is the 1980’s turbocharged Corvette that recently appeared for auction here in the UK? John Moroney dug deep into the history books to find out where it might have come from.

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