Alvis 4.3-Litre Vanden Plas

MR car week in review: 20 May 2018

Alvis 4.3-Litre Vanden Plas

With car manufacturers locked into a seemingly endless power struggle to build the next supercar that pushes the performance boundaries even further, it’s easy to forget it all had to start somewhere. This week we had the opportunity to sample one of the original supercar creations, testing out the eighty-year-old Alvis 4.3-Litre Short Chassis Tourer on track no less. 

Rarer than all of the latest hypercars, and with a price tag similar to many modern performance machines, the Alvis 4.3-Litre demands obvious respect. Yet, as Gav would discover, age is no barrier to ability when it comes to cars at the peak of contemporary technology. It only begs the question as to whether today’s supercars would still have the capability to impress in eight decades from now.

This week we have also investigated the most popular hybrid and electric cars in the UK, tested out the new Ford Fiesta ST, and summed up our experience with a special retro Audi. We’ve also covered all the latest news and announcements, too.

Car News

2018 Kia Sportage EcoDynamics+ Diesel Hybrid
Whilst the fallout from the dieselgate scandal continues, and new car buyers are ditching diesel rapidly, Kia believes the fuel still has a future with some hybrid help.


Alvis 4.3-Litre
Driving an Alvis 4.3-Litre on track
There’s a retro road test, and then there’s a full vintage experience. At eight decades old, this Alvis 4.3-Litre is a true rare classic car, and Gav had the chance to test out one of the first supercars.

Audi A4 DTM
2005 Audi A4 DTM Edition – long-term retro test
To the average motorist it might just look like an old rep mobile, but the A4 DTM is actually a special machine to those in the know. We spent over 1,600 miles with one to see how it fares today.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST in Performance Blue
2018 Ford Fiesta ST – what makes it special
It’s one of the most heavily anticipated new cars of 2018, and we’ve now finally had the chance to drive the new Fiesta ST. These are the key things which make it such a star to drive.

Features and opinion

The UK’s most popular plug-in hybrid and electric cars in 2018
The most popular hybrids and electric cars of 2018
Last year saw a substantial increase in purchases of plug-in and electric cars, with sales up by 27% in the UK. These 25 are the most popular choices on the road now.

London Motor Show
2018 London Motor Show
Billed as the ‘motoring event of the year’ the London Motor Show takes places this weekend at the ExCel centre. Gav has taken a look at the event to try to work out some of the potential highlights.

Best-selling used cars of 2018
Despite concerns across the wider car market, the secondhand sector is still buoyant in the UK. Even diesel is proving popular. The latest figures also show the ten favourite cars for British buyers.

Akio Toyoda
Opinion: mobility movers
After an announcement by Akio Toyoda that Toyota would become a ‘mobility’ company, Alan Bradley has been wondering just what that means. Can one company solve complex travel problems for all.  


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