New car CO2 2017

MR week in review: 18 March 2018

New car CO2 2017

Since the first revelations of dieselgate in September 2015, the simple message peddled by policy makers and sections of the media has been that diesel is evil. However, this one-sided concentration on air quality is ignoring the impact that diesel has on CO2 emissions, and also the reality that petrol and EV options don’t meet the needs of every motorist. With the announcement of changes to car tax rules for diesel cars coming so soon after news of rising CO2 levels, Richard has opened up the other side of the debate about derv. 

This week we also have a peek inside a secret supercar paradise, look at the car brands we think are ripe for a comeback, and get excited about a Reliant three-wheeler. No, really. 

Car News

2018 Ford Fiesta ST will feature patented suspension tech

Anticipation for the new Ford Fiesta ST is already sky-high, but now the Blue Oval has detailed some of the secrets which should make the hot hatch great to drive

Features and opinion

Windrush car storage

Windrush – catering for London’s supercars
At a secret location in Shepherd’s Bush, Tim Earnshaw cares for the supercars of London’s elite. We have a photo and video feature on what lies beneath the covers.

Dirty diesel tailpipe

Diesel debate: why demonising diesel is causing more harm
With continuing anti-diesel rhetoric in the media, and car tax charges hitting new diesel cars hard, Richard argues that the situation will get worse, not better.

Resurrection brands
As Aston Martin plans to restore Lagonda to full glory, we’ve taken a look at the other marques we would like to see making a return.

Boats designed or built by carmakers

By land or by sea
Car manufacturers have a habit of delving into nautical collaborations. Gav has profiled twenty examples of where the road meets the water.

Celebrity cars sell for up to 241% more

Celebrity credentials
Would you want to own a car which previously belong to a celeb? It seems lots of people do, with prices being increased by over 200%.

Retro MR

Reliant Rialto

Retro MR – Reliant Rialto – driving a hero
Andrew has developed an obsession with all things Reliant three-wheeler. So when the chance to drive one appeared, he leapt at the chance to meet one of his heroes.

Retro MR – Fast Fords set to break records
Performance Fords are big business, so a selection of cars going under the hammer at the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show could reach new highs. 

Retro MR – Ireland’s hidden car industry
If you happen to be nursing the effects of celebrating St Patrick’s Day too enthusiastically, take a journey through the history of cars from the Emerald Isle


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