Subaru XV

MR week in review: 16 December 2017

Subaru XV

Rewind back two decades and the image of a muddy Subaru plugging through a forest would have been a common sight, especially with Colin McRae behind the wheel. In the years since that WRC heyday, Subaru has often struggled to define itself as a brand in the UK. SUVs are now firmly on the agenda, and the revised XV is part of a strategy to carve out a niche in a deeply competitive marketplace.

You can read Andrew’s review of the new XV here. With Subaru expecting this new model to become the brand’s best-selling model in the UK, there is a lot riding on it. 

This week we’ve also driven a Ferrari-powered SUV, looked back at the favourite cars driven by the MR team in 2017, and produced a comprehensive guide to all the automotive Christmas TV you need to survive the festive season.

Car News

Mini logo 2018

Mini is getting a new badge to better ‘convey the authenticity and clarity’ of the brand. All new models from 2018 will wear the revised minimalistic ‘flat’ badge.

Car Reviews

Subaru XV

2018 Subaru XV – First drive review
The compact crossover market is an ever-growing one, and Subaru wants to push the XV to more buyers. We’ve driven the new version to see what it has to offer.

Maserati Levante S

2018 Maserati Levante S – First drive review
Ferrari might not have its own SUV, yet, so the closest you can get is this. The new Levante S features a Ferrari-sourced twin-turbocharged engine, but is it any good?

Features and opinion

The cars we loved driving in 2017

The best cars driven by MR in 2017
The Motoring Research team have driven a lot of cars this year, but these are the ones each team member has picked as their favourites. It’s certainly a diverse list.

The best Christmas TV for petrolheads

Christmas automotive TV choices
Modern Christmas TV is a minefield to navigate. If you’re a petrolhead, this is the guide to keep yourself occupied during the festivities. 

We can’t believe they’re not better: the most disappointing new cars

Turkeys roasted
Most people would be happy if a new car appeared under their Christmas. However, you might be a little disappointed with these.

Porsche 911 GT3

Supersize finance
Taking out finance on a family hatchback is one thing, but doing it for a supercar is something else. These are the most popular.

Retro MR

Porsche 901

Retro MR – Barn-find Porsche 901 joins museum collection
Although the term ‘barn-find’ is used a lot, this rare Porsche 901 really was rather special. Now fully restored, it has taken pride of place in the Porsche collection.

Retro MR – The retro cars MR wants for Christmas
Each MR team member was given the chance to pick three retro cars they would like to see on Christmas Day. We might need some extra wrapping paper for all these

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