New 2018 Ford Focus

MR week in review: 15 April 2018

New 2018 Ford Focus

With the original Ford Focus revealed some two decades ago, it’s sometimes easy to forget the substantial effect the first-generation car had on the family hatchback segment. Not only did it mark the end of the Escort name, but demonstrated that even a humble C-segment hatch could have radical styling, an upmarket interior, and be fun to drive. Although the new fourth-generation Focus is not as revolutionary as the original, Ford is still making some very bold claims as to just how good it will be.

We have all the details on what the new Focus will bring to the marketplace – one which the original car helped transform to what it is today. We also have the news on prices and specifications, with the important announcement that the new car will undercut the equivalent outgoing model. 

Aside from the Focus this week has also seen us test the new Aston Martin Vantage, experience six supercars in one day, and check out a range of retro machinery.


New 2018 Ford Focus Vignale

With two decades-worth of sales and loyal following, Ford needs to meet some big expectations with the new Focus. We have the details on how it plans to meet them.


2018 Aston Martin Vantage
First drive – 2018 Aston Martin Vantage
The 2018 Vantage is all-new, with startling looks and an array of wild colours. We’ve driven it on both road and track to see if those bold aesthetics are backed up by ability.

Supercar mega-test: which one is best?
Ultimate Goodwood supercar showdown
The chance to test six supercars in one day is clearly something not to be missed. Tim was the man burdened with the difficult task of having to pick a favourite at the end.

Subaru XV
Long-term Test Update 1 – Subaru XV
As the newest addition to the MR long-term fleet, the Subaru XV crossover had a real baptism of fire when faced with the Beast from the East. So how did it cope with all that snow?

Features and opinion

Royal wedding cars of the world
Royal wedding cars from across the world
With the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just over a month away, we take a look at the royal rides used by members of the monarchy around the globe. 

Renault Espace
Who needs an SUV?
A drive in the original Renault Espace has made Andrew wonder just exactly why we have become obsessed with the need for SUVs.

Toyota Hilux History
The real Indestructibles
From Jeremy Clarkson to war zones, the Toyota Hilux has had a lot thrown at it. Despite all that, it’s managed to reach the big five-oh

1998 Subaru Impreza 22B
Boxing clever
Subaru’s performance STI brand has just turned 30. From the subtlest saloons, to the craziest of WRC machines, they’re all right here.

Retro MR

Affordable Honda Type-Rs: which should you buy?
Affordable Honda Type-Rs
Applied to the ultimate performance Honda models since the early 1990s, the ‘R’ badge has a considerable reputation. Yet some of the brand’s greatest hits are surprising affordable.

Volvo P1800
Driving the best looking Volvo ever created
With a range of award-winning models, Volvo is clearly in the ascendancy at present. As good as the current range is, none of the come close to the achingly pretty P1800.

Renault 4
On the road in the charming Renault 4 GTL
In production for more than three decades, and still a common European holiday sighting, the Renault 4 has the potential to be a cheap, but useable, classic


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