McLaren Senna

MR week in review: 10 February 2018

McLaren Senna

Although Ron Dennis may no longer be in charge of McLaren Automotive, his uncompromising approach to efficiency and love of attention to detail clearly continues in the company. The McLaren Senna may have shocked commentators when first revealed, but the design is a single-minded pursuit of function over form.

Wearing the name of a legendary F1 driver also creates massive expectations for the Senna, meaning McLaren has had to dial everything to 11 in order to ensure it lives up to the reputation. We have the full inside story on the boundaries that have been pushed to create it. 

This week we have also tested the new Audi A7, driven a 825hp Ford Mustang, and found out how best to specify a Volvo XC40.

Car News

McLaren Senna

The looks may have been challenging when first revealed, but with the McLaren Senna the beauty is far more than superficial. This is everything you need to know.


2018 Audi A7

2018 Audi A7 – First drive review
You’d be forgiven for thinking this is the old A7, such is the close family resemblance. It’s all-new beneath the skin, however, with progress made in a number of areas.

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 – Your guide to the SUV of 2018
The XC40 is already a five-star car in our eyes, and will be at the top of the shopping list for many SUV buyers. These are all the things to consider when buying one.

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800

Ford Mustang Sutton CS800 – Ultimate street muscle
Take the power of a normal Mustang and double it. Add on multiple extras, and you’re left with a Ford that could upstage and outrun supercars for fun. Yikes!

Features and opinion

GQ Car Awards 2018 - British GQ/Christoffer Rudquist

2018 GQ Car Award Winners
Style and luxury are the orders of the day when it comes to GQ’s automotive preferences. Just be sure to groom yourself appropriately before reading this

Adaptive cruise control

Self-driving technology is already here
The future holds the promise of greater autonomous abilities for new cars. These are ten examples of what tech is already available.

Revealed: the cheapest cars to insure

The cheapest cars to insure
Nobody likes having to pay for car insurance, but at least these ten cars offer up the opportunity to cut your premiums as much as possible. 

2018 Jaguar Classic D-type

New Jaguar D-Type
Don’t confuse this with a replica. Jaguar is using the original drawings to build 25 examples of the classic Le Mans winner.

Retro MR

Retro MR – The ‘tin snail’ turns 70
Launched with almost perfect timing to a nation recovering from the ravages of war, the Citroen 2CV became a genuine icon. Read the history of the Deux Chevaux.

Rocket man: Elton John's rare Aston Martin up for auction

Retro MR – Elton John’s Aston Martin for sale
Having just announced his farewell tour, Elton John is seemingly having a bit of a clear out. It means you could own his V8 Vantage V550, going to auction very soon.

AROnline MG Metro

Retro MR – What’s your favourite British Leyland car?
Leyland Motors may have something of a troubled reputation, but the cars still remain popular. AROnline is holding a poll to find the favourite of them all

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