Ferrari Portofino

MR week in review: 17 February 2018

Ferrari Portofino

Ferrari has toyed with various entry-level models, from the Dinos of the 1960s and ’70s, to the later Mondial. Replacing the California, which struggled to gain universal approval, the new Portofino is designed to appeal to everyday users who still want classic Ferrari performance. We’ve driven it to find out whether it manages to deliver on those promises. 

Will we witness fans clambering to see a Ferrari Portofino at classic car shows of the future? Who knows, but we do know that this weekend’s London Classic Car Show is packed with unique and iconic machinery. We’ve a full guide to what you can expect to see should you make the trip to the ExCel over the weekend. 

This week we also have the sad news that the Ford Focus RS is nearing the end of production, a look inside the amazing Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, and your chance to buy the Batmobile!

Car News

Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition

Production of the current Ford Focus RS is ending soon, which is sad news for us all. Before it’s over, there is at least chance to grab one of the 50 Heritage Edition models. Priced at £39,895, the shocking Deep Orange paintwork is standard.


Ferrari Portofino

2018 Ferrari Portofino – First drive reviews
A car costing £166,000, and powered by a 600hp twin-turbo V8, isn’t the typical idea of affordable motoring. But the new Portofino is now where it all begins with Ferrari.

Features and opinions

Ferrari 250 GTO

Is this the greatest car museum in the world?
It’s perhaps fitting that Los Angeles, a city known for horrendous traffic, plays host to an incredible collection of static cars. This just a taste of the epic Petersen Museum.

2017 global best-sellers
Based on data from JATO Dynamics, we’ve done the research on the world’s best-selling cars during 2017. But is the winner really a ‘car’?

Used car favourites of 2017
Sales of used cars may have fallen during 2017, but these were still the most popular choices. Curiously, diesel sales actually increased…

Original Batmobile for sale in Florida

Buy the Batmobile!
Signed by stars from the original TV series, this Batmobile looks to be causing a storm in the USA. Live out your childhood dreams here.

Retro MR

London Classic Car Show

Retro MR – Your guide to the 2018 London Classic Car Show
This weekend’s London Classic Car Show at ExCel brings together more than 700 cars, ranging from racers to rare prototypes. This is everything you need to know.

Lamborghini LM002

Retro MR – The original Lamborghini SUV
Purists might have been upset about the idea of the new Lamborghini Urus, but it isn’t the first time the Italian firm have made a 4×4. It’s first effort was even crazier.

This twin-engined Mini is an early example of a 4x4 rally car

Retro MR – Twin-engines and four-wheel drive – in a Mini?
The “Twini’ is a rather special creation. Well before the heady Group B days of the 1980s, BMC was experimenting with this four-wheel drive version of the Mini.


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