Arnold Clark Real Sale

Car sales: dealer cuts prices of 9 in 10 cars

Arnold Clark Real SaleDealer group Arnold Clark has launched its January sale promising savings on over 15,000 cars at 200 UK dealers.

The 2014 ‘Real Sale’ is charged with beating last year’s customer savings, which totaled more than £9 million.

That equates to £668 per car buyer.

The once-a-year sale (actually Arnold Clark’s only annual car sale) this year includes more than 11,500 hatchbacks, boasting an average saving of £568, and 3300 MPV and crossover family cars, with an average saving of £609.

Given the grotty weather we’ve had so far this year, January sales bargain hunters will also be pleased to know more than 800 4x4s are included in the sale – with savings of up to £2000.

Arnold Clark has created a ‘sales savings totaliser’ on its website, logging the cash savings to date. It’s already up to nearly £690,000 at the time of writing…

… and even by the day after the Real Sale’s Boxing Day launch, more than £76,000 had been saved, claims the firm.

Offers look sharp too: the lead deal is a 2002 Honda Civic 1.4 S that’s up at £1988. For a dealer-sourced, approved and warranted car, that sounds good to us…


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