Top 10 pet names for our cars revealed

naming cars

Research conducted by Quote Zone has delivered some of the most hard-hitting consumer information we’ve seen this year. How many of us actually name our cars and what are the most popular names chosen?

Well, allegedly one in 10 of us give a name to our cars. Whether some people just don’t admit to it is another matter. The idea of naming your car is controversial. My Clio 172’s name is ‘Clifford’, and my Vauxhall Monaro’s name is ‘Steve’. I digress.

Allegedly, naming your car makes you more attached to it. Two-thirds of respondents who name their cars said that it made them feel more attached.

The most popular names for cars

naming cars

The top 10 are as follows, from the bottom: ‘Tilly’, ‘Katy’, ‘Peggy’, ‘Alfie’, ‘Bertie’, ‘Amy’, ‘Dave’, ‘Bert’, ‘Bob’ and ‘Betty’. There you have it: ‘Betty’ is the most popular car name. All of them are a bit tongue-in-cheek. If they’re not cutesy, they’re a bit satirical. ‘Dave’ is an ‘everyman’ TV channel, for instance.

We also tend to gender our cars. Most of our cars are girls, according to Quote Zone’s research. Half of all cars are considered to be female, compared to just 30 percent that are considered to be boys. A fifth of drivers don’t busy themselves with such silliness as gendering their cars.

What inspires car names?

When considering an inanimate object, there are certain features and distinguishing points that inspire what names they should get. The top two inspirations for names are the colour and appearance (28 percent) and the car’s personality (20 percent).

I’m entirely on board with that. My Clio is called ‘Clifford’ because he’s red, after Clifford the Big Red Dog. Popular YouTuber and drag racer Cleetus McFarland just named his turbocharged Corvette ‘Ruby’. No prizes for guessing what colour ‘she’ is…

Personality wise, it entirely depends. If you’re in a flighty little hot hatch, you aren’t going to name it ‘Giles’, unless in satire. Similarly, you’re not about to name your new Rolls-Royce Phantom ‘Scrappy’. We don’t expect many Phantom owners name them, to be fair…

Others name their cars after friends and family members (15 percent), movies and TV shows (11 percent) and celebrities. What would you name your Trans Am other than ‘Bandit’? LIkewise, what would you name your yellow Camaro other than ‘Bumblebee’? Makes sense…

The weirdest names for cars

naming cars

Speaking of movie names, popular culture has an unusual effect on our naming habits with cars. In no particular order, here are some of the more left-field choices: ‘Gandalf’, ‘Trashpanda’, ‘Gremlin’, ‘Mrs Potter’, ‘Porg’ and ‘Pavel Andreievich’.

From Star Wars to Star Trek, with Marvel, Lord of the Rings and everything else in between, you get some odd choices from the silver screen…

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