Car industry beats airlines, tech and fashion for reputation

Auto industry comes out on top for reputation

The automotive industry has come top in Brand Finance’s reputation ratings, with car brands scoring, on average, higher than those in other sectors.

Overall, the industry scores 6.9 out of 10 – better than brands from the tech (6.8), clothing (6.6), restaurant (6.6) and airline (6.6) industries. ‘Car brands continue to enjoy strong reputations,’ says the report.

‘Importantly, the category enjoys a good reputation for being innovative – allowing century-old brands to be well-positioned to withstand the enormous disruption in mobility expected in the coming decade.’

Auto industry comes out on top for reputation

The automotive sector also gets good grades when it comes to recommendation. Brand Finance cites Audi (7.5) and BMW (7.7) as brands people like talking about and aspire to own.

The study concluded there are ‘very few instances of brands with a really poor reputation – most cars nowadays are well-designed and equipped’. Ever heard someone say ‘there’s no such thing as a bad car anymore’?

Overall reputation leadersAuto industry comes out on top for reputation

There are a number of metrics that Brand Finance looks at. Where the auto sector leads – reputation and quality – are just two. Recommendation is led by restaurants, while value for money is headed up by retail. However, technology has a big claim overall, leading loyalty, innovation, website/app, and overall stakeholder equity metrics.

Where else does the car industry gain plaudits? Well, Toyota will be happy to see that Akio Toyoda (10) just squeezes into the top 10 CEOs. He shares list space with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella (8) and Apple’s Tim Cook (5).

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