Mercedes-Benz_S_600_GuardMercedes-Benz has revealed the new S 600 Guard – a car that, as its name suggests, “sets an unprecedented new standard” in armoured special protection cars. 

Built to resistance class VR9 standards, the new S 600 Guard is the first to meet this highest-level ballistic protection standard. It thus meets the personal protection requirements of every relevant authority in Germany.

It also meets the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation’s explosive charge protection standard – thanks in no small part to it being the first civilian car ever to boast underbody armouring across almost its entire underside.

Purposefully, though, the S 600 Guard looks little different to a regular S-Class, thus meeting another important requirement for special protection vehicles, says Mercedes-Benz: maximum discretion and unobtrusiveness.

As it weighs so much (we’re guessing 3.5 tonnes while we await official figures), the 530hp V12 motor is fitted, which boasts a hefty 612lb ft of torque for instant VIP-shifting shove… or, as Mercedes-Benz says, “for a rapid escape from the danger zone when under threat”. Proper secret agent stuff, this.


It’s packed with Chauffeur essentials such as multi-contour massaging seats and multi-function Business console decks, but Guard specifics include opaque roller blinds in the rear, heated windscreen and side windows, auto-activated fire extinguisher and a panic alarm system.

Rather brilliantly, the armour-plated side windows are so heavy, Mercedes-Benz has had to fit special hydraulic window lifters.

Oh, and the S 600 Guard even has its own air supply. Yes, really: there’s an emergency fresh air system to cope with smoke or “irritant gasses”. In many ways, this really could be the safest car in the world.

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