Half-term traffic: 54,500 breakdowns expected this weekend

Half term breakdowns expected

The October half-term begins for many children today (Friday 18 October) – and families across the UK will be taking to the road for short breaks.

Not all will make it to their destinations, however. Breakdown service Green Flag is warning of 13 breakdowns every minute between now and Sunday evening.

That equates to 54,500 breakdowns overall. The company is expecting more callouts this weekend, too: 84,500 in total.

Half term breakdowns expected

“The October half-term always sees more cars on the roads as families head off on a well-earned autumn break,” said Simon Henrick at Green Flag.

“However, as a result, the roads will be busier than usual and a high number of breakdowns are predicted to occur, hence we’re urging drivers to ensure their vehicles are road-ready before embarking on long journeys.

“Many breakdowns are avoidable if proper care is taken of your vehicle, both before and during a journey, so it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection of your car before leaving home and staying vigilant on the roads when driving.”

Half-term travel adviceHalf term breakdowns expected


The usual tips apply to avoid breaking down. It’s all about planning ahead, and making sure your car is up to the job. Here are a few tips for staying mobile over the half-term.

1. Tyres, lights and liquids

Check your tyres are all well-treaded and pumped up, that all your lights are working, and that all your car’s fluids are at the correct level and not leaking.

2. Plan ahead

Even with everything checked, you never know what could happen. Give your car its best chance by planning your journey. That means taking quieter routes and travelling at times when there is less traffic.

Half term breakdowns expected


3. Road-trip essentials

Even with all that, you could still come a cropper. It’s October, so it can get chilly. Keep blankets, as well as food and drink on board. A map is always good to have, in case your phone signal fails, and a warning triangle for if you stop on the road. Keep your phone charged, too.

4. Breakdown cover

Needless to say, you’re going to want breakdown cover, and to keep the contact details for rescue close at hand.