Prime Minister buys his wife a rusty old Nissan Micra

David Cameron has reportedly bought his wife Samantha an old Nissan Micra from a secondhand car dealership close to his home in Oxfordshire.

Identified as a 2004 blue Nissan Micra bought for £1,500 by the Mail Online, a search on eBay reveals the actual car bought by Cameron – and removed from the internet auction site by the seller this morning.

Shockingly, a search of the 90,000-mile car’s MOT history reveals that it might not be the wisest used car buy – as it received an advisory on its last test for corrosion.

Prime Minister buys his wife a rusty old Nissan Micra

“It was totally surreal,” car salesman Iain Harris told the Mail. “I got a call on Friday night to say that the Prime Minister was on his way round to look at one of our cars. I thought it was one of my mates, winding me up.”

Harris said that Cameron refused to look at any of the more expensive cars on his forecourt, insisting he was only interested in the British-built Nissan Micra.

Harris added: “He said he’d sorted out his insurance, and he drove off, just like that. He was very friendly and down to earth, just like any other bloke buying a car for the wife.”

The third-generation model was the last Nissan Micra built at the firm’s Sunderland plant in the UK. Its successor is a ‘world car’, built in Thailand, Mexico, China and India.