RHA Calais truckers

Calais crisis: truckers invite PM to ‘come and see it for yourself’

RHA Calais truckersThe Road Haulage Association has written to the Prime Minister for an “urgent” meeting about the Calais crisis – and to see the situation for himself.

Chief executive Richard Burnett says that “Without witnessing the mayhem at Calais first hand, neither the Prime Minister, nor his advisers can fully grasp the severity of the situation.

“We need the same level of commitment to protecting truck drivers, their vehicles and loads as we are seeing towards protecting the valuable Channel Tunnel infrastructure at Coquelles.

“We are not seeing that and we are not hearing it from the Prime Minister.”

Burnett has thus invited Cameron for a road trip across the Channel to “see for himself the appalling conditions that drivers are facing”.

What do truckers want to see at Calais?

The RHA added that although recent improvements to security at Calais are welcome, it wants to see a more comprehensive solution “to restore the free movement of lorries”.

Truckers understand the scale of the migrant crisis and the associated humanitarian issues, said Burnett. “However, that is a separate issue from the urgent need to allow trucks to move freely and without intimidation.

The migrants are hell-bent on reaching the UK. If the Tunnel becomes harder to access, they will simply focus their attentions further back to the Tunnel approach roads.

“We need to hear a clear commitment to doing what is necessary to protect drivers.”


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