Buy a Porsche Macan, get a Cayman (for a bit)

Porsche Macan 001Porsche can’t build enough Macans right now, so has come up with a neat idea to keep prospective customers happy – give them a Cayman or Boxster instead.

The firm is offering short-term leases on other models in its range to US customers balking at the half-year waiting list for the Macan, reports Automotive News. The leases are open-ended and run until their Macan is actually delivered.

Porsche has worked hard to come up with a solution because four in five Macan customers are new to the brand. These conquest buyers are used to more immediate delivery from rival brands such as Audi, BMW and Range Rover: Porsche Cars North America CEO Detlev von Platen says the new short-term lease programme is going down well amongst them. Two Porsches for the price of one? It’s easy to see why it would.

It also, Automotive News points out, helps Boxster and Cayman sales, and will provide dealers with a nice and predictable stock of nearly-new low mileage stock…Porsche Cayman 001

Porsche plans to build 50,000 Macan a year but is already working to ramp this up; just this week, it has announced a plan to increase its global workforce by nearly a quarter. It needs to: sales in the US alone for 2015 are expected to reach 50,000. Arch-rival Land Rover famously had to switch the Halewood plant to 24-hour working to meet demand for the Range Rover Evoque, which is now produced in six-figure numbers. The Macan should follow suit. If they can build enough of them.

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