Buy a new Jeep and go to New York for free

Jeep-Grand-CherokeeJeep Grand Cherokee buyers in a position to deal in the next two weeks will get a surprise extra included in the deal – two free Virgin Atlantic tickets to New York.

The special offer is part of Jeep’s March Sales Event and is part of an incentives package that also includes:

  • Three years’ 0% finance
  • Three years’ free servicing
  • Three years’ warranty
  • Three years’ roadside assistance

All part of the “true American style’ of this March’s sales event, says Jeep UK head of brand Damien Dally.

“If you buy one, we’ll help you celebrate with complimentary flights to New York.”

But is it all enough to tempt you into the 250hp 3.0 CRD V6 diesel Grand Cherokee, which starts from £37695 for a Laredo model?

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