Marussia F1 auction

Buy an F1 team today

Marussia F1 auctionMarussia F1 team is up for sale. Not just a few cars, not just a handful of team memorabilia, but the entire team

Impressive proposition, no?

The auction gets underway today at the former F1 team’s Banbury, UK HQ. Up for auction will be most of what you need to start your own F1 team, including:

  • Marussia F1 race cars (no engines)
  • Complete test lab
  • Race day trailer fleet
  • Complete machine shop
  • Corporate offices
  • Large quantity of spare parts
  • ‘High tech’ server equipment

Yes, that really does say ‘a complete machine shop’ and ‘Marussia F1 race cars’ – the same machines that Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton drove at F1 grid-worthy pace this year. Just a couple of seconds slower than the championship-winning Mercedes, they’re quick cars.

Marussia F1 auction

At least, they would be, if they had any engines. That bit isn’t included. If you want to run them, you’ll need first to renegotiate an engine deal with Ferrari.

Coincidentally, that’s something that F1 grid hopeful Carl Haas has already done. And, word is, if you want to bid for the Mariussia team, you’ll be going up against the bold American in today’s auction: “We have got the Marussia auction list so I think we will be bidders for some of that stuff,” he told the Guardian.

He may not even have to arrange transport back to the US: Haas has previously revealed an intention to run his US-designed cars from Oxfordshire and has now admitted he may be interested in bidding for the Marussia premises. All kinda makes sense, no?

So you can buy an F1 team today if you want. But you may have a fight on your hands from someone with more than a passing interest in acquiring the job lot…

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