Buy a car online this Cyber Monday


Today is Cyber Monday – the day when everyone takes to the internet to order presents ahead of Christmas.

But, if you don’t fancy a bit of Christmas shopping, how about ordering a car over the web this Cyber Monday instead?

Through Dacia’s online store you can buy any of its cars from the comfort of your home or office. You simply visit the Dacia website, configure the car you want, pay a deposit and your local dealer will be in touch to arrange delivery.

Bringing a whole new dimension to the promise of Cyber Monday, we’re sure.

However, if a Dacia doesn’t float your boat, most car manufacturers have an online configurator that lets you spec your ideal car. You can then save the configured car and send it off to a local dealer who’ll be happy to place an order on your behalf. Not quite the full cyber-buy offered by Dacia – but perhaps a safer option for the click-happy.

We’ve recently had a go at configuring a selection of sensible-spec cars, from a Jaguar F-Type Coupe to a Porsche Macan – what options would you go for?

If you’d like to save money by buying used – many car supermarkets (including Carcraft and Motorpoint) will let you reserve a car online by taking a small deposit. Fords of Winsford will even let you reserve a car for 48 hours free of charge.

And then, of course, there’s eBay. With over 200,000 cars currently for sale on the site, there’s a large selection of cars to buy – many of which you can either buy instantly or bid to win in an auction.

Be careful though – it’s a good idea to view a car before buying on eBay… it’s difficult to get out of once you’ve clicked the ‘buy it now’ button…

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