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Stop wasting money on fuel says government – buy an EV

Volkswagen e-Golf home chargingThe average British driver spends 12p a mile on fuel for their diesel or petrol car – but could cut this to 2p a mile if they switched to an ultra-low emissions vehicle.

The figures have been revealed by the government and a consortium of car manufacturers set up to promote ultra-green cars called Go Ultra Low.

Spread the savings across Britain’s 31.6 million cars and it means UK motorists are missing out on £24.5 billion in savings by spending more on fuel and tax.

And that’s an annual multi-billion saving that Brits are turning down…

How do you save money with an electric car?

Hetal Shah, head of the Go Ultra Low campaign, said: “After buying a house, a car is the second most expensive purchase that most of us will ever make.

“With fuel costs from just 2p-per-mile, no road tax, no congestion charge and free parking in many locations, electric cars certainly present a compelling proposition.

“Put simply: the more you drive, the more you save.”

Money saving expert no longer wincing

Crack money-saver and newspaper columnist Ashleigh Swan has joined the panel of the Go Ultra Low campaign and reckons EV motoring has been an eye-opener.

“Fuel bills are the most noticeable regular outlay, and every time we pull up at a petrol station, my husband and I wince at the price of a full tank.”

Contrast this with the “extremely low running costs” of an EV and this hefty outlay for the average motorist – who covers 7,500 miles a year, or around 140 miles a week – can be mitigated.

Car manufactures have almost cracked the range anxiety part too, adds Go Ultra Low: the quoted range of up to 124 miles for many electric cars is getting ever-closer to the UK-average weekly mileage…


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