Brits will drive 5.9 million miles to get home for Christmas

driving home for Christmas

New research suggests it takes 11 hours on average and covers 300 miles over the course of three different family gatherings. It is, of course, the Christmas drive, now looming once again. Collectively, we’ll drive 5.9 million miles over the festive period.

It’s the yearly pilgrimage almost everyone makes, to family and friends – unless you’re the ‘lucky’ one that everyone comes to. Some of us do multiple drives over several days. Either way, most of us up-sticks and take to the road.

Blended and extended families will see us driving far and wide for an average of three family Christmas gatherings over the period.

Festive ‘frantic Friday’ predicted as 20 million Christmas trips planned

Travellers are also due for an average of two arguments over the course of this year’s Christmas journeys. Why? We’ll be getting lost (11 percent), breaking down (eight percent) and getting flat tyres (10 percent). All that can cause a bit of friction on the road.

There are other dangers, though, of which we are acutely aware. Icy roads are first and foremost on 67 percent of our minds, while traffic comes in at 32 percent and breakdowns at 24 percent. Note the above link and make sure you avoid the hot-spot times for getting stuck in traffic.

On average, each car doing the rounds this Christmas will have 10 presents in the boot. Keeping that average lower than it could be are the 11 percent of us that forget some (perhaps all?) of them.

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