75 percent of Brits don’t know if they have to pay the ULEZ charge

ULEZ London

Research commissioned by Nissan has yielded some highly intriguing insights into the UK public’s knowledge of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Or lack thereof…

As many as 75 percent of the motorists from their 2,000-person selection didn’t know what the Euro emissions ranking system was, and therefore, what their standing is when it comes to the ULEZ.

Awareness of the ULEZ

Barely one in three said they were even aware that the ULEZ was being implemented. Similarly, a quarter of those surveyed were not aware of government and industry incentives to move into zero-emission vehicles.

Thankfully, half of those surveyed agreed that the implementation of the ULEZ was a good idea. Indeed, as many as 35 percent agreed that such measures wouldn’t go amiss in other cities around the UK.

That falls in line with the 62 percent who said that air quality was the most dangerous health concern for regulars in urban environments.

Stories have broken recently regarding industry collusion around emissions. We can see public disillusion with internal combustion going up, as electric cars continue to make more and more sense… 

Will the ULEZ change what we drive and the way we drive it?

ULEZ London

As many as 31 percent of drivers would adjust their driving habits if the ULEZ charge was introduced in their city. That should be music to the ears of legislators. While the headline goal is to improve urban air quality, a side effect of reduced congestion won’t be sniffed at.

As for making the move to low or zero-emission vehicles, Nissan will be pleased that as many as 43 percent would be more inclined to switch to electric now they’re aware of the associated incentives, as well as news of the ULEZ.

As many as 27 percent of respondents said they’d be more likely to buy electric if similar low-emission zone schemes were implemented in other UK cities.

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