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The average Brit spends £695 a year maintaining their car

Ferrari Maserati service centreBritish motorists collectively spend a staggering £21.1 billion a year on servicing and repairing their cars, reveals a new report by the SMMT – one of the highest figures per person in the world.

This means that British cars are among the best-kept in the world, which is particularly good news for safety and emissions.

This has the happy benefit of meaning there are fewer cars on our roads in a bad state of disrepair (and when you do spot such shoddy-looking, smoke-billowing motors, they stand out like a sore thumb).

With 42,500 service and repair garages in the UK, there’s no shortage of choice for motorists either: and the SMMT reckons 345,000 British jobs are supported in looking after our 30 million-plus cars.

The Importance of the Aftermarket to the UK Economy report says this generates £12.2 billion for the UK economy.

And it’s only going to grow: more cars than ever are consistently being sold new, which will all need looking after. SMMT figures predict the UK aftermarket will be worth £28 billion by 2022 – and employ 400,000 people. It’s never been a better time to be a qualified vehicle technician.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said,“The UK’s aftermarket is one of the most competitive in the world and plays a critical role in keeping Britain’s 30 million-plus cars roadworthy.”

Such a plethora of car garages is a good thing too, he added: “Robust competition and a strong independent sector have helped reduce the cost of vehicle ownership in the UK and provided greater choice to consumers.”

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