Britons are more careful when buying cars

we're more carful when buying a car

The car buying habits of Britons have been analysed by InsureTheGap in an Opinium survey. Allegedly, we’re more careful than ever when buying a car, compared to the days when car buyers were more impulsive.

As many as 78 percent, almost four out of five, of the 2,000 UK motorists surveyed said they did careful research into what car to buy, before buying it. So are the days of seeing a car on a forecourt and buying it on a whim over?

Maybe. That number spans all age groups and both genders. We are all as careful as each other, regardless of our differences. Furthermore, as many as 71 percent (over seven in ten) said that factors as trivial as looks were overridden by more practical considerations like fuel economy, reliability, cheapness to run and ease of repair.

Nine percent of men use a car checking service by companies like the RAC and the AA, compared to just seven percent of women.

Subjective desires aren’t quite dead

Don’t worry, though. We’re not all braindead zombies just yet. The research also found that the ‘look and feel’ of a new car can be the decider for as many as 28 percent of buyers, even if the cost is significantly more.

we're more carful when buying a car

Almost a third of male respondents said that they’d gone over budget on a car purchase because they liked the way a car looked. While a lower figure, a fifth of women doing the same is still relatively strong.

Those of us from the North East are the most likely to make a heart-over-head purchase and spend more money on a car that looks good. Younger drivers, unsurprisingly, are the most partial (41 percent) to a car with agreeable aesthetics.

Some of us are keen on having a second car, too. As many as a sixth of buyers want a ‘fun’ sports or classic car to have in addition to their everyday car. Needless to say, men pipped women in this respect, with 17 percent and 10 percent registering respective interest in this.

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