Male female car crash

Most drivers think it’s not them, it’s the other idiots

Male female car crash

Research undertaken by comparison website Moneysupermarket has found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, UK drivers rate their own ability far higher than that of others.

A substantial 71 percent of those questioned felt other drivers need to improve their safety on the roads. Yet when it came to rating their own ability, those surveyed gave themselves 8 out of 10 on average.

This potential overconfidence includes even the 35 percent who rated themselves as 6 out of 10 or above, despite having admitted to being involved in two or more accidents. Despite the large proportion of those asked believing British drivers need to do more to up their game, 63 percent would not be interested in taking the Pass Plus qualification themselves.

Poor weather conditions were a safety worry for more than 57 percent of those surveyed, whilst having to drive in the dark was a problem for 30 percent. Fittingly, given the recent announcement that learner drivers will now be allowed on them, 22 percent of those asked were concerned by motorway driving.

Driving tests also demonstrated an interesting relationship between the number of attempts needed to pass and accidents. At 55 percent, more than half of the drivers asked failed to pass their driving test the first time. More worrying is that those who took five or more attempts to pass are 1.5 times more likely to be involved in an accident.

Young drivers are typically hit with a bad reputation for road safety, and correspondingly high insurance premiums. Yet Moneysupermarket found that only 44 percent of those surveyed found young drivers to be the least safe.

That 52 percent of 17-24 year olds had not been involved in any accidents, and some 47 percent of them passed their driving test first time, might demonstrate that young drivers are unfairly vilified.

Whilst it may be 2018, things are not entirely equal between men and women everywhere it seems. Male drivers are 10 percent more likely than women to be involved in accidents, whilst 24 percent of men admitted to never feeling safe on the roads. Curiously, only 11 percent of women claimed to feel the same.

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