Official: Britain’s worst drivers are in Yorkshire

Britain's worst drivers revealed

New data from the Department for Transport (DfT) shows exactly where Britain’s worst drivers are.

The findings are based on the number of licence penalty points given to motorists in each postcode area.

The worst drivers in the UK

Britain's worst drivers revealed

In general, Yorkshire doesn’t fare well. In Halifax, Bradford and Huddersfield, nine percent figure of motorists have points on their licence. Halifax leads with 9.62 percent, while Bradford and Huddersfield follow at 9.46 percent and 9.04 percent respectively.

That means nearly 11,000 of Halifax’s 111,820 motorists have penalty points. 

Britain's worst drivers revealed

Bristol and Doncaster complete the top five worst places for UK drivers, with 8.58 and 8.54 percent having points.T

The remainder of the top 10 is made up by Wakefield, Leeds, Luton, Slough and Harrogate. In all these areas, more than eight percent of local drivers have points.

Britain's worst drivers revealed

Looking at areas where drivers have 12 points or more, London leads by far. A total of 969 people in the capital effectively have enough points to be disqualified. In Birmingham, the figure is 393 people.

Peterborough, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Doncaster and Cardiff are all home to more than 200 drivers with 12 points or more. In total, 11,021 motorists have maxed-out licences (figure correct in March 2019). 

Overall, 6.65 percent of UK motorists, or 2,711,493 people, don’t have a clean licence.

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