Worst drivers

Britain’s worst drivers work in finance and healthcare, survey reveals

Worst drivers

Let the stereotyping commence as we divulge Britain’s worst drivers, ranked by what they do for a living. The chart is based on claims data from insurance provider 1st Central, with a 2.6 million-driver pool of data.

Topping the list as the worst drivers on the road are financial analysts, with financial advisors and chartered accountants taking third and seventh places respectively.

Doctors (second), dentists (fourth) and pharmacists (fifth) make up the top five, and estate agents are sixth. Interesting that three of the top five worst drivers on the road are medical professionals…

Making up the top 10 are lawyers (eighth), scientists (ninth) and computer engineers (10th).

Worst drivers

As for the best drivers on the road? You’d think those who make driving their profession would top it. No, not Lewis Hamilton and co. – we’re talking about professional drivers, delivery people and the like.

Funnily enough, they’re not, as painters take the top spot. What logic could explain this most random of placings? Of course, painters are more careful because they’re probably keen to not redecorate the back of their vans…

Worse still is that the pros are relegated to third place by second-placed builders (labourers are eighth). Also in the top five best drivers on the road are mature students (fourth) and butchers (fifth).

The best of the rest? Farmers place sixth, cleaners seventh, factory workers ninth and chefs 10th.

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