Britain’s worst city to drive in revealed… and it’s not London!

Birmingham has been revealed as the city most of us dread driving in – with Spaghetti Junction identified as ‘traffic hell’ for motorists in the Midlands.

The survey of 2,240 UK drivers by found that 22% considered Birmingham to be the worst city to drive in, closely followed by London with 21% of the vote. Other nightmare cities include Bristol (17%), Liverpool (15%) and Cambridge (14%).

When asked to elaborate on what aspect of these cities put them off driving there, 57% of those who said Birmingham cited the Gravelly Hill Interchange (Spaghetti Junction) and 49% of those who stated London disliked the M25.

George Charles, spokesperson for the website that conducted the survey, said: “Driving in a new place for the first time can always be a daunting task, but no more so than when your route takes you through Spaghetti Junction, or into a long queue on the M25 while trying to manoeuvre your way around London.

“It’s great to tackle these though, and not let the fears and worries put you off. Always keep alert, stay fully focused on the road and what’s going on around you, and where possible have a sat nav installed to help you navigate the lanes and turnings.”

The most common issues faced by drivers in cities include getting lost (34%), getting stuck in traffic (28%) and experiencing road rage (21%).

Despite this, the survey also found that more than a third of motorists still enjoy the freedom of driving.

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