Britain’s best driver is a roofer – but who is the worst?

RooferA car insurance company has studied its claims records and revealed that Britain’s best driver by profession is a roofer, with farm workers and builders joining them in the top three.

And Britain’s worst drivers? Here’s the surprise: they’re accountants, followed by solicitors and doctors!

The assumption could be that it’s the other way around, but 1st Central car insurance has studied more than a million motorists’ policies and found that it’s not the case.

Accountants, ahem, ‘account’ for a staggering 16,000 car insurance accident claims annual, with solicitors accounting for 15,000. In contrast, roofers accounted for just 3,850 in 2015, with farm workers also accounting for less than 4,000 accidents.

And if you think it’s simply down to the fact there are more accountants than roofers, think again: 1st Central’s annual report revealed cautious roofers’ claims frequency is just 9%, making them four times less likely than an accountant to be involved in a car accident.

Their colleagues in the building trade have a similarly low claims frequency of just 10%.

Co-founder of 1st Central, Pete Creed, admitted that “people often have preconceived ideas about how certain professions behave on the road.

“Our data dispels a number of these myths, but it’s interesting to see that a number of professions we trust with our safety are actually the worst on the road.”

The car insurance company released tables on the top 10 worst and top 10 safest drivers by profession… do you agree with them or are you outraged? Let us know in the comments below.

Britain’s worst drivers by profession

  1. Accountant
  2. Solicitor
  3. Doctor
  4. Financial advisor
  5. Letting agent
  6. Airline cabin crew
  7. Bank manager
  8. IT manager
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Train driver

Britain’s best drivers by profession

  1. Roofer
  2. Farm worker
  3. Builder
  4. Lorry driver
  5. Cleaner
  6. Carpet fitter
  7. Factory worker
  8. Mechanic
  9. Butcher
  10. Painter and decorator
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