Hated driving habitThe tailgater has finally been overtaken as Britain’s most hated driving habit – by other drivers using a mobile phone to talk or text.

Almost 50% of motorists say mobile phone use is their most despised habit – with tailgating now down at four in 10 people.

There is a notable generation gap in how motorists view using a mobile phone behind the wheel too. It’s the number one complaint for 62% of over 65s… but 38% of 18-24s.

It is, of course, also illegal, reminds Kwik Fit, who interviewed 2002 UK adults to carry out the survey.

Roger Griggs, director of communications at Kwik Fit, said: “You’re four times more likely to have an accident if you use a mobile while driving, in addition to the frustration it causes for fellow motorists.

“And with on-the-spot penalties for motorists who hog the middle lane, tailgate or cut up other vehicles being introduced last year, it highlights just how serious these anti-social driving behaviours are being taken.”

Kwik Fit last carried out this survey in 2010, and tailgating was top of the list of irritations. It’s a sign of the smartphone times that, four years on, it has been relegated.

Take a look at the full top 10 list: which are your biggest irritations?

Britain’s top 10 most hated road habits

  1. Using a mobile handset to talk/text: 47% of drivers hate this
  2. Tailgating: 42%
  3. Failing to indicate: 35%
  4. Dangerous overtaking: 30%
  5. Middle lane cruisers: 26%
  6. Last minute braking: 23%
  7. Undertaking: 19%
  8. Hesitant driving: 12%
  9. Being slow away from traffic lights: 12%
  10. Jumping the lights: 10%