Suzuki HayabusaA UK motorcyclist will attempt to set a new overland record time by riding from the UK to India on his Suzuki Hayabusa superbike.

Sushaneth Shetty will set off this weekend (Saturday 25 October) on the record ride to India, travelling via France, Turkey and Iran, then either Pakistan or Dubai.

Shetty, who’s attempted similar record rides in Asia and Europe before, expects the ride will take 15 days.

“I’d always fancied riding a bike from the UK to India,” he said, “and came up with the plan in Bangkok while travelling through Asia.

“But I didn’t think I was cut out for six months or so of riding and ‘finding myself’; I wanted to do it as fast as possible. So I tried and thought about a few different bikes, but it had to be the Hayabusa.

“It should be a good journey and I’m looking forward to setting off. I’m looking forward to going to Sofia in Bulgaria, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Istanbul in Turkey.

“I’m also a bit apprehensive of Eastern Iran and Pakistan, but I’m really looking forward to riding through Iran as a whole, and hope I can do the whole thing to set the fastest overland journey time between the two countries, and that’s sticking to speed limits too.”

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