Chris Evans announces National Classic Car day for Friday 4 April

Chris-Evans-in-one-of-his-FerrarisChris Evans has revealed plans for National Classic Car Day on Friday 4 April – with all proceeds going to BBC Children In Need.

The Radio 2 DJ (and classic car uberfan) launched the first ever classic car celebration on his Breakfast show on Monday 24 March. He wants to see all classic car owners get their old motors out on the road to tackle the morning commute.

It’s a simple premise: pick up friends or workmates, take them to work and get them to donate money to Children In Need for the pleasurable privilege.

There are no rules, says Evans, and no minimum age for the classic cars. “If you consider it a classic, then it’s OK,” said Evans. “Class is in the eye of the beholder.”

More news will be rolling out on his show, but Motoring Research is already sold: we’ll be supporting the first National Classic Car Day by all driving to work in our own classics.

Will you join us and Chris Evans, and raise money for Children In Need? If so, let us know – and tell us which classic car you’ll drive to mark the inaugural National Classic Car Day…

UPDATE: The National Classic Car Day – your classics gallery is live! Send an image of the classic you’ll be driving today to and we’ll add it in.

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  • It’ll naturally be the Golf for me, for a celebration of all things classic Golf GTI. Well, it is 14 years old… surely that counts as classic? I’ll blog soon with further justification…

  • Fire up the Beemer!

  • Excellent! Munich and Wolfsburg duly represented…

  • Nick

    Bringing out the 88 205 GTI on Friday then!!

  • Caszhman

    Taxed my ’75 Dolomite Sprint on Monday,so it would be rude not to. Working from home on Friday, so may have to just drive around at commute, offering folk a lift…

  • Excellent! Send us a pic at and we’ll feature it on the site.

  • Sounds like a plan! Send a pic to and we’ll post it on the site on Friday.

  • Brian Wilkinson

    i will be cracking up the 91 MR2

  • David Banes

    Sounds like Drive it Day, so not ‘the first ever classic car celebration’, he does have a habit of ‘borrowing’ other peoples ideas doesn’t he 🙂 All in a good cause and can’t complain about another excuse to get the old Triumph out.

  • Alistair Cox

    I’ll be in the Gurgel X12 – Honk if you see me as you won’t see another!!

  • David G

    Great idea Christoff, another good reason to give my TR6 a run. I’d be driving anyway so no additional traffic on the road, unlike other Drive It days, but I wouldn’t knock them because they also raise money for good causes. Already made another donation to Children in Need.

  • Wow – do share pics with us, Alistair!

  • Top stuff, David. As Andrew says below, send us a pic and we’ll feature it on our site tomorrow.

  • Alistair Cox

    it’s ugly! It’s very ugly infact! Let’s hope it’s not raining as it’s not the most waterproof of cars! If it is, I’ll be in the 911!

  • Wow – now that’s cool. It’s certainly distinctive!

    A 911 is a fine substitute, mind…

  • Alistair Cox

    not much nicer with the roof off or from a different angle. You maybe able to tell her roots from the wheel and the indicators on the wings?!?!

  • VW Beetle!

  • Alistair Cox

    spot on! “plasteel” composite all in one body and pan with VW 1600 single port engine and running gear and designed by a 6 year old!

  • ASC

    Will bring out ‘Plum’ my purple Mini Equinox

  • Les Wood

    I will be taking my 1933 triumph super tourer to work. As one of only two remaining, most people outside of the pre-1940 triumph owners club, will not have seen or heard of it. If you are interested, type 1933 triumph super tourer into YouTube and I have a short film on there with a bit of history. I also have a film of one of our annual meetings on there, showing many other pre1940 triumphs. Drive safe everyone.

  • Phil buckle

    Slightly off car topic, but I’ll be riding the 1964 lambretta li150 to work and making a donation to children in need!

  • That still counts in our book, Phil. Good work!

  • A proper rarity, Les – excellent stuff. Just taking a look at the film now…

  • Nigel Goward

    Since my ’72’ Lotus Europa Twin Cam is poorly and having a new clutch, I will be out in the ’89’ 20v UR Turbo quattro tomorrow.

  • paul gaskell

    Hopefully i’ll have the top down in my little yellow ’79 MG Midget!!

  • The entire @editorial_mr office nods in approval at your fleet, Nigel…

  • Kernel_Panic

    Yay! 190-mile commute in my ’89 944 Turbo; fabulous.

    Can’t say I saw a lot of other classics out there, even though the weather was lovely….

  • Lovely… and your commute sounds much the same as mine!

    Do you have any images you could share with us?

  • Kernel_Panic

    Will this be happening again in 2015?

  • We shall check!