Hot stuff: 17 breakdowns a MINUTE expected next week

breakdowns expected during hot weather

The hot weather forecast for next week might make a welcome change to the rain we’ve had of late, but our cars will be feeling the heat. Over 121,000 breakdowns are expected during the hot spell, between 23 and 28 June.

That equates to as many as 17 breakdowns a minute, as we ferry ourselves around the country in pursuit of everything from a day in the hot sun, to a full-on staycation. The headline breakdown figure represents a 30 percent increase in the average number of breakdowns, as the heat takes its toll on our cars.

“Following changeable weather, with heavy rainfall and flooding causing disruption across the country, a rise in temperatures could cause chaos on the roads next week,” said Simon Henrick from Green Flag.

breakdowns expected during hot weather

“It’s important to be aware of the effects that heat can have on the car’s key components, as well as the impact it can have on the road itself.

“Green Flag, wants to ensure that drivers can enjoy the sunshine with their families and friends by staying safe on the roads. Several of the problems that drivers are likely to encounter can be avoided if drivers ensure that their vehicles are checked thoroughly before setting off on a long journey.”

How to help your car keep its cool

Temperatures are expected to peak at a sweltering 33 degrees centigrade next week. Here’s how to prepare your car for hot weather.

It goes without saying that you need to keep your coolant fresh and topped up. Assuming your cooling system is all buttoned up and sealed as it should be, your car should cope with the hot weather if it’s got the right amount of fresh coolant flowing through it.

Don’t over pack your car. Apart from it being illegal to overload your car to certain extremes, it also puts undue stress on various components in your car.

breakdowns expected during hot weather

You don’t want to overload it in terms of usage, either. Needless to say, giving your car a good thrashing could see temperatures soar, as well as the chance of a failure. Keep your cool behind the wheel, and your car should do the same. Limit the use of features like cruise control at low speed. This can put undue stress on your motor, especially in traffic.

Staying safe behind the wheel when it’s hot

Essential supplies for traversing the country when the sun’s beating down are lots of water and a bottle or two of suncream. Stay hydrated, stay protected from the sun, and all should be well. 

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