London Mayor Boris Johnson

Boris calls for London car-free Sunday study

London Mayor Boris JohnsonLondon Mayor Boris Johnson will instruct officials to reinvestigate a proposal to introduce car-free Sundays in the British capital after riding his bike in Indonesia capital Jakarta’s own car-free Sunday event.

The Mayor, who’s on a tour of the country, said car-free Sundays were something London had been discussing for years and the Jakarta event was “certainly food for thought”, reports the BBC.

“I will certainly be asking Transport for London to dust down those old ideas and let’s have a look.”

The Mayor did admit, however, that any plans would need thorough examination and, even if such as scheme was introduced, it “would probably take time to bed in”.

Parts of London’s streets have recently closed on one Saturday in August for the two RideLondon 100 events, adds the BBC; your correspondent has taken part in both events and can report they’re both warmly welcomed yet vocally criticised.

Making London car-free on Sundays is thus unlikely to be straightforward.

The carrot is creating something like the Jakarta scheme, which the Mayor described as “sensational”.

Jakarta closes streets in part of the city from 6am on Sundays and Johnson said he was “blown away by the popularity” of the event.

It’s now been running for 16 years and is considered a big draw for city travellers and residents alike.

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