BMW X4BMW will reveal the brand new X4 at the New York Motor Show – a junior sibling to the controversial BMW X6 that’s set to be one of the stars of the show.

The BMW X4 is derived from the X3 and is described as a car that blends BMW X family strengths with “the sporting elegance of a classical coupe”. You decide on that: we’ve embedded a gallery of images for you to study below.

Whereas the X3 is somewhat derivative, there’s no denying the X4 stands out. It has a very different look to the car it’s based on, even at the front – you wouldn’t believe the bonnet and wings are hared, would you? Not when headlights and air intakes that aggressive dominate things so.

The big differentiator is at the side, particularly that swooping coupe rear. This blends with some really dramatic featurelines, the boldest of which surround the rear wheelarches to make this an SUV that actually has rear haunches.

Add in the same high rear deck as the X6 and you’ve something that’s certainly going to turn heads out on the road.

As is the case with so many BMW variations these days, the interior is also shared with the X3 and is much less dramatic and standout than the exterior. It’s nice but those expecting the excitement of outside will be disappointed.

At least passengers will feel sporty within: they sit 20mm lower than in an X3.

Under the hood is a familiar range of engines that stretches from 184hp to 313hp; the top-line motor is actually a diesel, the xDrive35d, rather than a petrol (the xDrive35i puts out just 306hp…).

This means the range-topping diesel X4 is faster than the range-topping petrol – 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds rather than 5.5, yet 47mpg when you’re not seeking benchmark figures. Remarkable. How long before BMW upgrades that clearly ageing petrol 35i motor..?

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