BMW: we do not manipulate emissions tests

BMWBMW Group has issued a powerfully-worded statement stating it “does not manipulate or rig any emissions tests” – following claims by German magazine Auto Bild that a BMW X3 displayed the same discrepancies that has led to the #dieselgate scandal engulfing Volkswagen.

The statement is clear: “Our exhaust treatment systems are active whether rolling on the test bench or driving on the road.”

The VW emissions scandal centres around this very point – exhaust treatment systems featured a ‘defeat device’ that saw them activated for emissions tests but deactivated when on the road.

“Clear, binding specifications and processes are in place through all phases of development at the BMW Group to avoid wrongdoing.

“We are willing do discuss our testing procedures with the relevant authorities and to make our vehicles available for testing at any time.”

Auto Bild has since issued a clarification, adds BMW. It reads: “No evidence of emission manipulation by BMW.

“The values mentioned in the document were only generated in a single, one hour-long road test. Auto BILD has no access to the details of this test trail, which might explain the discrepancies to the test cycle NEDC.”

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