BMW M3 Sport Plus

BMW M engineers: Sport Plus too much for us

BMW M3 Sport Plus

Too much choice in BMW M settings? It’s easier for the engineers – they avoid one of them entirely…

BMW M cars famously offer a range of configuration options from Comfort to Sport Plus – but the project boss of the new M3 Saloon and M4 Coupe has admitted M test engineers prefer to steer clear of the most extreme settings.

“Our engineers choose Sport rather than Sport Plus,” said project manager Michael Wimbeck.

“They prefer the feel and linearity of it, in contrast to the more aggressive setup of Sport Plus. It’s better for long-distance high-speed testing.”

MR agrees with M

Three difference systems can be profiled, from Comfort through Sport to Sport Plus, in the M3 and M4; steering weight, throttle pedal map and suspension.

During two days of testing, we concurred with the Wimbeck’s engineers: Sport Plus steering was too stiff, Sport Plus throttle much too aggressive and Sport Plus suspension lacked Sport mode’s perfect trade-off between body control and breathability.

So why include a Sport Plus setting? Customers like it, he said, as it’s good for instantly showing the maximum capabilities of the car. “Our engineers also like certain parts of it too – Sport Plus is a great way for the engine guys to show off how good their engine is, for example…”

But the people who have been testing and developing the car steer clear of it. How many customers will do the same?


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