BMW launches range-topping Sterling

BMW Sterling 2

BMW has revealed a new 760Li Sterling range-topping model. Yes, you read that right. BMW Sterling.

The firm that used to own stumbling British car giant Rover, which itself had a range-topping range of 800 Sterlings, has now launched its own Sterling pinnacle.

Don’t worry, though. The name is no more than a historical curio for British car fans – this isn’t a permanent model line sitting above BMW’s M Sport, but a special edition ‘inspired by Robbe and Berking’.

Who? Among the most tradition-steeped silver manufacturers of our day, says BMW. Now it all becomes clear. Yes, this BMW is bedecked in silver. Sterl… well, you get it.

Solid silver plating is thus used on the BMW kidney grille, side strips decals, rear trim strip and tailpipe garnish. Even the 760Li badges are silver plated.

Rather marvellously, the BMW logos carry solid 925 sterling silver with a cool blue and white enamel.

There are hammered solid sterling silver inlays for the doorhandles and, inside, amazing solid sterling silver hammered trim strips. Some brilliant craftsmanship has been used to produce it, way beyond anything you’d ever have found in a Rover 827 Sterling.

As the images show, the rest of the interior is finished in complementary BMW Individual trims, with the Robbe & Berking crest being stitched into the head restraints.

We think it’s fantastic. A genuine Sterling range-topper. It’s going to be anything but cheap, and it may not even come to the UK, but it’s still rather cool in its own small way.

However cool, though, we’d be amazed if BMW got any ideas. 520d Sterling? It won’t happen.

This will have to do instead.

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