Opinion: The BMW i-setta is this year’s April Fools joke I wish was real

BMW i-setta April fools

BMW has won April fools this year, at least in my opinion – not with the funniest joke, but with the coolest car I oh so wish was real. Wait, is it real? Pretty please, BMW?

It’s the BMW i-Setta – a modern electric-powered play on the original BMW Isetta micro car.

And what a play it is. i-setta… That’s brilliant!

It’s quite clearly a prank, judging by BMW’s Facebook post. Alongside a rendering of a lovely modern interpretation of the famous microcar, including i3 wheels, there is a large splurge of jargon-filled text, seemingly satirising similar splurges that come out with actual cars referring to fuel consumption and CO2 figures.

“The CO2 efficiency specifications are determined according to Directive 1916/E30/DACES and the European Regulation in its current version applicable. Ever wondered, if someone really reads all the text.”

The above is an excerpt I found a few lines down… but let’s consider the i-setta for real, shall we? It’s not like reviving old-style and wrapping it around new tech is a bad idea. Just look at the Honda Urban EV, now the Honda E Prototype. Something like this with 100 miles of range and a sub-£20k price tag could be great for urban drivers.

BMW isetta April Fools

But what do I love best about the i-setta, besides pretty much everything about it? There’s not an over-sized kidney anywhere to be seen. Or indeed, an obscenely large grille, period. Indeed, the most-liked comment on the post states: “Easy to spot the prank, it doesn’t have the huge grille!”

Another said “Build it! Don’t joke, it’s way more stylish than a lot of cars available…”

Well, BMW? You heard the man!

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