BMW C Evolution electric maxi scooter

The BMW C Evolution EV scooter is a two-wheeled i3

BMW C Evolution electric maxi scooterIt’s impossible not to think about the new BMW C Evolution as a kind of two-wheeled BMW i3. The electric scooter is packed with innovative technology and sits somewhere between a traditional BMW motorcycle and a conventional scooter.

Two models of the C Evolution will be available – a C 600 Sport and a C 650 GT – both of which offer a form of energy regeneration that has never been seen on a single-track vehicle. This is because energy recuperation takes place automatically, both when coasting with the throttle closed and when braking.

The power output is 11kW (15hp), with a peak output of 35kW (47hp), giving the C Evolution a top speed of 75mph. And thanks to the instantaneous delivery of power, the zero-emission scooter can accelerate as quickly as a 600cc scooter.

BMW C Evolution 03

The 8kWh capacity, air-cooled lithium-ion high voltage battery gives the C Evolution a range of 62 miles, with a full charge from a domestic socket available in four hours. It uses the same energy storage modules and electronic components you’d find in the BMW i3.

It’s the first electric two-wheeler to meet the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety and the ECE R100 for high-voltage safety. Torque Control Assist (TCA), which works in the same was as Automatic Stability Control, is available to prevent slip at the rear wheel.

BMW C Evolution 05

The BMW C Evolution doesn’t skimp on features, either, with BMW offering a reversing aid, a LED daytime running light, heated handlebar grips and a TFT colour display. Four riding modes are available – Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic – which essentially adjust the C Evolution for either maximum efficiency or riding pleasure.

There’s no word on the pricing of the new BMW C Evolution, but it’s another electric BMW we can’t wait to drive. Or rather, we can’t wait to ride.

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