Black Saturday

‘Black Saturday’ – the most dangerous day of the year for driving

Black Saturday

Beware ye who enter the British road network tomorrow (Saturday, 2 July) at 2.30pm. ‘Black Saturday’ is nearly upon us – otherwise known as the most dangerous time to be on Britain’s roads this year.

What dashcam maker SmartWitness calls a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions combine all at once. The summer holidays beginning is a big contributing factor. With many schools breaking up for summer today, the nation’s families will be taking to the highways on the way to airports, beaches and amusement parks across the country. Others are also making a beeline for the airports ready for their annual summer getaway.

The specific date and time results is drawn from various data sources, including the Department for Transport and SmartWitness’ own insurance reports – which show peak times for collisions in past years.

The summer months (July and August) present a 27.5 percent increase in road incidents compared to winter months (January and February), in spite of winter’s more adverse driving conditions. In numbers, that’s 33,312 in July and August, compared to 26,122 in January and February.

Saturday is allegedly the most dangerous day of the week to drive, too, with drivers being 1.7 times as likely to get distracted behind the wheel compared to weekdays, according to SmartWitness.

Black Saturday

“The summer months have the highest number of road collisions and Saturday July 21st is likely to provide the perfect storm for poor driving conditions,” said SmartWitness chief executive Paul Singh.

“We are asking motorists to be extra vigilant when starting out on their summer holidays. The most common cause of road collisions is not poor road conditions or your car, it’s bad driving.

“It will be first day of the summer holidays for many families and there will be extremely large numbers of motorists taking to the roads. Cars will be packed full of children and luggage, which means that drivers will be more stressed and distracted than usual, as they make their way to airports and holiday destinations.

“As a result, this day is expected to have the highest number of incidents for the whole of the year, with our data showing that 2.30pm will be the busiest time.”

Motorists: you have been warned.

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