Biker awarded £10,000 in compensation after skidding on muddy road

farmer’s insurance company has paid out £10,000 in compensation to a teenage biker who broke her collarbone after losing control on a muddy, rural road.

Carrie Dickinson was 16 when she was riding her motorbike along a country lane close to her home in Doncaster. She lost control driving over mud on the road near a farmer’s field.

She was discovered by her father who was travelling in a car minutes behind her. He took photographs of the scene to help build a case against the farmer.

Dickinson told the Yorkshire Post: “I had been riding for about a month and I was always a safe driver. I’m disgusted the farmer didn’t clear up the road, or put some signs up. If the mud wasn’t there, it wouldn’t have happened.

“The accident happened mid-corner and I ended up about 20 metres down the road. It’s a bit of a blur. It was pure shock.”

Dickinson was represented by Hudgell Solicitors who claimed the farmer had been negligent by allowing the road condition to become dangerous.

The farmer’s insurance company agreed and admitted liability, awarding a £10,000 payout in compensation.