The best Amazon Prime Day deals for motorists

We've pulled together a list of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for motorists, including Echo Auto, AlcoSense breathalyser and Mobil 1 oils.

Amazon Echo Auto

Amazon Prime Day is here. Or rather, the two days of Amazon Prime Day are here. That’s right: there are two days of discounts across a wide range of products.

Last year, Amazon Prime members worldwide purchased more than 175 million items throughout Prime Day. In the UK, the Sony PlayStation Classic console, Oral-B SmartSeries electric toothbrush and Shark vacuum cleaner were the top-selling products.

But to paraphrase Chris Tarrant, we don’t want to give you a games console, toothbrush or vacuum cleaner. Instead, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best deals for motorists from the first morning of the discount extravaganza.

New items will be added over the coming 36 hours, but be quick if you fancy buying one of the following products.

Here are our favourite deals for motorists.

Osram Night Breaker Laser Headlight Bulbs – 58 percent discount

Osram headlight bulbs

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. This means you’ll spend more time driving with your headlights on, so it might be time to upgrade your bulbs. The Osram Night Breaker Laser bulbs deliver up to 150 percent more brightness than standard halogen headlights, with a beam of up to 150 metres. A 58 percent discount takes the price down to just £12.55 for a pair.

Click here to buy the Osram Night Breaker headlight bulbs.

Manelord Dent Repair Tool – 48 percent discount

Car dent removal tool

This repair tool can be used to remove dents from cars, motorcycles, lorries, refrigerators and washing machines. The reviews on Amazon are mixed, with 47 percent of users giving the product a five-star rating. A further 12 percent of people have given it a one-star rating, but at £8.79, it won’t put a massive dent in your wallet.

Click here to buy the Manelord dent repair tool.

Fortem Car Boot Organiser – 46 percent discount

Fortem car boot organiser

If your car’s boot is starting to resemble a teenager’s bedroom, this collapsible storage organiser could be just the job. The lady with the apples looks suitably impressed, giving a thumbs up to the strong handles, pockets and sturdy side walls. It’s good to see that she eats healthily and doesn’t use plastic bags.

Click here to buy the Fortem car boot organiser.

Echo Auto – 40 percent discount

What is Amazon Echo Auto

If you’re toying with the idea of adding Alexa to your car, a 40 percent discount could influence the decision. Click here to read more about Echo Auto, then decide if it’s worth the £29.99 Amazon Prime Deal price.

Click here to buy Echo Auto.

Autoxel Car Battery Charger – 40 percent discount

Autoexel car battery charger

The nation’s car batteries have taken a pounding in 2020, with many vehicles left unused during the lockdown. A car battery charger and conditioner would have helped matters, so the Autoxel charger and maintainer is worth a look. Batteries suffer during the winter, so this should ensure your car is ready for action when you need it.

Click here to buy the Autoexel car battery charger.

Vastar Portable Air Compressor – 39 percent discount

Vastar air compressor

The Vastar is a light and compact air compressor that’s suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, footballs and, optimistically at this time of the year, swimming rings. There are five settings for the pressure, a handy LCD screen and even a flashlight for some after-dark pumping action.

Click here to buy the Vastar portable air compressor.

AlcoSense Pro Breathalyser – 33 percent discount

Alcosense breathalyser

The AlcoSense Pro breathalyser uses the same technology found in several UK, US and European breathalysers. In fact, the sensor is identical to the law enforcement version, just smaller. The multi-award-winning device is easy to use and even shows the estimated time until you’re sober.

Click here to buy the AlcoSense Pro breathalyser.

Car Trim Removal Tool – 28 percent discount

Car trim removal tool

If you’ve ever struggled to remove plastic trim, clips, mouldings or badges from car, you’ll know that it can be a frustrating experience. This kit contains 14 removal tools, so you can say goodbye to broken plastic and curse words.

Click here to buy the car trim removal tool.

Arteck 800A Portable Car Jump Starter – 28 percent discount

Arteck portable car jump starter

A portable car jump starter is small enough to fit inside a glovebox (yes, even in a modern French car), so it’s on hand to provide a boot if your battery has left you feeling flat. The Arteck unit can also charge smartphones and tablets, and it comes with an ultra-bright LED flashlight.

Click here to buy the Arteck 800A portable car jump starter.

Mobil 1 Engine Oils – 20 percent discount

Mobil 1

You can get a 20 percent discount on a selected range of Mobil 1 engine oils. Perfect if you’re giving your car a winter service.

Click here to buy Mobil 1 engine oil.

Remember, the Amazon Prime Day deals are available on 13 and 14 October 2020. You have to be an Prime member to take advantage of the discount, but Amazon is offering a 14-day free trial to all new customers. Happy shopping.

All deals are correct at the time of writing.


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